The Cold War 2022


The Cold War 2022


Yuan, Andrew
Nguyen, Sean
Coates, Nicola


The Cold War

The interests of the Cold War group surround the different economic issues and conflicts between the Soviet and Western bloc, the rise in counter culture during the time period, and the (often less told) Soviet Perspective.


Yuan, Andrew
Nguyen, Sean
Coates, Nicola

Collection Items

Perestroika and the Changing Soviet Workforce
Image of Soviet farmer championing the individualism of perestroika

T64 21.jpg
T-64A early series after overhaul.

T-64AK at the T-34 Tank History Museum.jpg
A T-64AK tank at the T-34 Tank History Museum.

2B1 Oka, 2Б1 Ока, Artillery Museum, Saint-Petersburg pic1.JPG
Photographed at the Military-historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps, Saint Petersburg.

Soviet Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25.JPEG
MiG-25 Foxbat-E interceptor aircraft (Courtesy of Soviet Military Power, 1984, Photo No. 33, Page 37).

20190206 F-15C Eagle Kadena AB-18.jpg
A US Air Force McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle on approach at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan.

Historic Newspapers About the MiG-25
1. Foxbat or Flogger—a Headache.
2. The Technology Gap: Why Is The U.S. Falling Behind.
3. “F-15 ‘Streak Eagle’ Breaks All Existing Climbing Records.”
4. Russian Lands New MIG‐25 In Japan, Seeking U.S. Refuge
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