California History - 2022


California History - 2022


California History


Rania Ansari, Cooper Safon, Derek Schmitz, Jashan Kaeley, Ed Roa

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The Gold Regions in California
A map of the regions in California with gold.

The California Republic Flag - 1846
The first flag of the California Republic was formed in 1846, following the rebellion of a group of illegal American immigrants against the Mexican government. After learning of the state of the Mexican-American War, these settlers formed an alliance…

Black Panther Free Food Program
A black-and-white photograph showing children preparing bags of food to be distributed through the Panther Free Food Program at the Black Panther Community Survival Conference in Oakland, California. Four (4) children, two (2) boys and two (2) girls,…

Pinback button for the Black Panther Party
Black and orange with orange lettering pin-back. There is an image of a black panther in a circle surrounded by the words: ALL POWER TO / THE PEOPLE.

G-O Road
55-mile planned road stretch between the towns of Gasquet and Orleans which cut into sacred indigenous land.

Black and white poster of Huey Newton and Bobby Seale
A framed black and white poster of Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in front of the storefront headquarters of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, California. Both men are wearing berets and leather jackets and are armed with assault rifles. Below the…

Natives and the Mexican Republic
In 1823, the Mexican Republic replaced the Spanish with the rule over the area. Colonial citizens had permits to the parts of the land, which claimed about 1/6 of the territory. Even though the original missions were only supposed to be in place for…

Mission San Diego de Alcala
In 1769, Spanish Franciscan priest, Junipero Serra, was sent by the Spanish to establish a mission in California to extend Spanish hold into "Alta California." The first of 21 coastal missions, Mission San Diego de Alcala was created to establish a…
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