About The Exhibit

My interest in the Chinese Cultural Revolution is how it created modern day China and how China is still evolving and growing more powerful day by day. The Chinese Revolution is what initially sparked all of this growth in China. This makes me want to understand how a nation can grow to become so powerful, and the events and environment needed to create it.

What sparked my interest in the Chinese Cultural Revolution is my main interst in almost all parts of history, how great international power is created, and how it falls. This applies to China because it is on the way to being the worlds greatest superpower. My fascination also comes from my nationality as an American. My entire life I have been used to living in the strongest country in the world. It makes me nervous to see anyone surpass the United States since we are so used to being number one. The questions that I am encouraging for people to try to answer while reading this website is what were the impacts of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and why did the Cultural Revolution happen?