Sonoran Ceramics

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**Instructions:** Click once on a white area of the timeline, then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll through time.

This interactive timeline shows changes in ceramics (pottery) over the history of the Trincheras Tradition of northern Sonora. Due to the modern international border, this area is understudied relative to the US Southwest. Culturally both the US Southwest and Northwest Mexico were part of a continues culture area that included the Hohokam, Ancestral Puebloan (previously called the Anasazi), Mogollon, Casas Grandes and Trincheras Traditions.

Starting at 1200 AD, many of the archaeological cultures mentioned start shifting, migrating and blending, see how the founding of Cerro de Trincheras fits into changing ceramic patterns in the Trincheras Tradition region.

Exhibit made by Tanya Chiykowski-Rathke. If you have question, comments, or would like more information, please email at t.chiykowski(at)