Mexican Immigration

The overall theme of this exhibit is Mexican Immigration and the United States. Our goal in this project is to provide an unbiased and historical view of Mexican Immigration to America in a digital, engaging manner. We hope that visiting this visual project will provide our audience with a pleasant and interactive approach to public history. 

Why we decided on Mexican Immigration:

I grew up in Los Angeles in Southern California, and was surrounded by Latino American culture and people throughout my life. Seeing how hard these people worked and knowing how difficult it was to become a citizen made me realize how these people are just like us. They merely want to provide for their family and make a life for themselves in the land of opportunity, and they can't do that when they are constantly being turned away and made to feel unwelcome. Knowing how difficult the process of immigration is, I felt inclined to help share these peoples story and create an exhibit to showcase the history of this controversial topic. -Harry

As a lifelong California resident, I have been frequently subjected to the disadvantages and unfair bias that Mexican immigrants and Mexican American individuals. Like Harry mentioned, being in close proximinity to the tribulations of these hardworking individuals made me realize that all they want to do is work hard for better living conditions and a way of life. Knowing that there is a bias against these people motivated me to share some of my thoughts and feelings in conjunction with the research we collected. -Daniel


Harry Culhane, Daniel Longaker