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Rose Garden and Cemetery Future


Example of plaque display to commemorate the land.

To preserve and emphasize the historical importance of the role Native Americans played during the Mission period, and to raise awareness for the historical importance of the land beneath the Mission Rose Gardens and Cemetery. We believe that the addition of informative plaques near the Rose Garden and Cemetery would help to inform the public and visitors of the origin of the land and its connection to Mission Santa Clara. Additionally, some background on the tribes that resided in Mission Santa Clara can be given, in terms of cultural practices and their lives at the missions to raise awareness about this part of American history. Since there are currently no signs or plaques acknowledging the life of the Natives or parts of the campus that are sacred, the addition of these plaques will help bring forth the Natives’ history and stop the cycle of erasure. 

Furthermore, we propose that a mandatory class or session on the Native American tribes and the areas on the Santa Clara campus that hold cultural or sentimental value be made aware to students and faculty. As students and faculty living and using the land that Santa Clara University is built on, it is important for us to acknowledge the Natives who came before us and have respect for their history and culture. Moreover, we believe that this should be done in coordination with the Ohlone tribe and any other tribes that can trace their ancestry back to the Santa Clara Mission.