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HighSchool Message.jpeg

The Akamine and Fuchita Family Papers include letters, certificates, photographs, scrapbooks, high school yearbooks, and other materials related to the Akamine, Fuchita, and Yasumura families. Subjects in the collection include the Manzanar and…


Soldier on B-24 Liberator plane

Pace Car and Car #68, 1951.jpeg

The pace car sits next to Carl Forberg's #68 Automobile Shippers Special in the pit area.

pikes peak hill climb, 300sl.jpeg

John Rostek driving his Mercedes Benz 300SL ("Gullwing") around George's Corner past spectators. Car has sign for Buckley Bros. Denver.


Correspondence from Phoebe H. Bannister to All Area Supervisors regarding evacuation of children in institutions and the Children's Center at Manzanar

This photograph taken outside the camp captures the survivors huddled together in the camp compound. Duggan captioned the photograph "Prisoners freed by the US 3rd Army."

Employers Guide.pdf
This paper explains the provisions of the 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of the U.S. Enacted on July 27, 1990, ADA is a wide-ranging law that creates new rights and extends existing rights for an estimated 43 million Americans who have…

Invasion of Greece 1940.png
This is a map depicting the Italian invasion into Greece in October of 1940. The red arrows show the Italian army's movements while the blue arrows show the Greek army's movements.
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