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Photograph shows, sitting left to right: William O. Douglas, Hugo L. Black, Earl Warren, Felix Frankfurter, Harold H. Burton; standing left to right: William J. Brennan, Jr., Tom C. Clark, John M. Harlan, Charles E. Whittaker.

Office of War Information office and workers

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A Pontiac policeman examines some of the ten school buses destroyed late Aug. 30 by dynamite and fire in a school bus depot here. About 40 other buses in the depot were undamaged. The city of 85,000 persons has been divided over a plan to bus a third…

President Lyndon B. Johnson (1908–1973) speaks to the nation before signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, July 2, 1964.

African American and white school children on a school bus, riding from the suburbs to an inner city school, Charlotte, North Carolina.

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A photo of George W. Watkins School in Virginia, an African American only institution in New Kent county.

The American automobile industry essentially shut down for the duration of World War II -- shut down its civilian production, that is. American automakers turned their plants and workforces to the manufacture of war materiel. This 1943 advertisement…

'Access America'-- Rights of physically disabled.pdf
The article discusses legal rights, legislative developments, and societal considerations pertaining to the rights and accommodations for people with physical disabilities, exploring issues related to accessibility, discrimination, and advocacy…


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