World War II 2022

WWII was a violent and controversial time in world history. Conflict between nations was constant. There was the Pacific Theater between Japanese and US forces along with the Soviet-German conflict. There were also innumerable atrocities committed like the Holocaust which mark one of the bloodiest genocides of history. To accompany all this violence, there were governments backing all of it. They used their connections to influence, gain support, and turn people against each other. They used tactics like the spread of propaganda to demonize their enemies in order to gain the approval of the general public. WWII was not just fighting. There are many underlying factors that contributed to what made WWII a world war. These underlying factors and key points in the WWII timeline is what we will be exploring in this exhibit.


Anthony Wang - Soldiers in the Pacific Theatre, Alex Song - Propaganda in WWII, Baarik Ahuja - The Holocaust, Zhouyi Jiang - Soviet-German Conflicts