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Disability Store.jpg
This image expresses a disabled individual's daily life through a grocery store.

'Access America'-- Rights of physically disabled.pdf
The article discusses legal rights, legislative developments, and societal considerations pertaining to the rights and accommodations for people with physical disabilities, exploring issues related to accessibility, discrimination, and advocacy…


download (2).jpeg
This image shows one of the 1968 "Chicago Special Olympics" Games held in Soldier Field. The 1968 Games brought around 1,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities together from 26 U.S. states and Canada.


Camp Shriver pamphlet.jpeg
How To Bring New Hope to the Mentally Retarded is one of the pamphlets given to the camp counselors at Camp Shriver in 1965 and one of many developed in the 1960s as a heightened public awareness of the mentally disabled was occurring.
From its…


Employers Guide.pdf
This paper explains the provisions of the 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of the U.S. Enacted on July 27, 1990, ADA is a wide-ranging law that creates new rights and extends existing rights for an estimated 43 million Americans who have…

loc-ark--13960-t3hx28934-3-5-6-7-8-9-1699656368-compressed (1).pdf
The source discusses the "mental defectiveness" among children in the early 1900s

Sound recording of President John F. Kennedy’s Special Message to Congress on mental illness and mental retardation delivered from the White House Fish Room. In his speech the President discusses his plans for a national mental health program, which…

The California State Legislature, as outlined in Government Code Section 4451, mandates accessibility standards for public buildings and facilities, emphasizing inclusivity for persons with disabilities. The scope of this legislation extends to…

The Signing of the ADA.jpg
The temperature had soared into the mid-90s on the south lawn of the White House as nearly 3,000 invited advocates and supporters of the Americans with Disabilities Act gathered to witness the historic signing. These were members of what California…
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