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California History

Our site aims to look into three different groups that have been discriminated against and treated unfairly in California’s history. A strong theme of social justice runs through all of topics. California is often seen as a one of the most progresive states in the country but it has a long history of oppressing minorities within its borders. These topics will delve into this theme and will show how resilient these communities of Californians are as they fight for change.

I was born and raised in California and I now attend college here. I feel a deep connection to my state and its history. I am proud of it but I recognize that it is far from perfect. I think that the story of the Black Panther Party represents that imperfection and shows the strength of true Califronians. I hope you find the group as compelling and inspiring as I do. - Derek

I picked Californian indigenous history as my choice of topic because I have been invested in indigenous culture since my freshman year. My CTW class covered a lot of the indigenous people’s history of California specifically, and my final project was on the displacement of indigenous tribes and subsequently the loss of native culture. I wanted to continue off of my research from that project and contribute by providing a historical and accurate account of how the experience of colonization was for indigenous tribes of California. - Rania

I've lived in California for all of my life, but I barely know about the state or its history. The most I have learned about the state history-wise is the gold rush period. I want to learn about the early immigration history of California as both my of my parents as immigrants. I want to understand what challenges Asian Americans had to go through when trying to immigrate to the US, specifically California. - Jashan


Rania Ansari, Derek Schmitz, Jashan Kaeley