Women of CA vote

The Women's Suffrage Movement is an important issue when discussing the history of the United States, and it will mainly focus on efforts in the Western, Southern and Eastern parts. Looking further into the Western struggle for women's voting rights is what I decided to do. There is an importance in each state knowing and understanding their individual struggle for the right to vote, each state having to face different set backs and experiencing different successes. As a young woman from California, I felt that it was my responsibility to find out more about the women that made it possible that I vote today. 

I hope that my exhibit is insightful and inspiring to those within California, and those outside. 

Thank you, Lucy Wilson (creator) 

Podcasts I would recommend on the topic: 

Hindsight: Looking Back at 100 Years of Women's Suffrage by KMUW

And Nothing Less: The Untold Stories of Women's Fight for the Vote by PRX

She Votes! by Wonder Media Network